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Tel: 031 761 6200

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Tel: 031 761 6200
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Uncapped Solution

Unlimited browsing, unlimited downloads and always connected. Our fibre offers a truly uncapped solution no matter the bandwidth, you get it all!

Fibre is Symmetrical

Our fibre solution provides similar upload and download speeds, ensuring that important emails with large attachments or urgent work documents will always go through at high speeds.

Contention Ratio refers to the number of users sharing, or contending for, the same data capacity. The lower the contention ratio, the higher the quality of service. Plessie Fibre allows up to 10 broadband customers on the same capacity at any given time. Our contention ratio is substantially lower than most competitive broadband offerings.

Low Contention Ratio
Superior Fibre Network

Our fibre network suffers from no congestion, resulting in superior speeds and low latencies. It is also not affected by copper theft.

You can select from a wide range of fibre packages, customised to your business communications needs. Our fibre deals can be data centric without voice channels or include both voice and data.


We offer from 12 voice channels with an option to expand to your specific voice requirements

SME Packages
Corporates and Large Institutions