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Communications technology is changing so fast that users may be forgiven for thinking that today’s purchase will be tomorrow’s mistake.

We at PLESSIE recognise that confusion and doubt are major concerns to many buyers of new phone systems. It is difficult to avoid using the many acronyms that surround today’s technology. What we like to offer our clients is a free consultancy service to find out what your specific needs are, where cost savings can be offered and what will grow with you and new technology in the future.

It is difficult to avoid using the many acronyms that surround today’s technology. Unfortunately, these short-hand technical terms go a long way to making technology unintelligible for the layman.We’ll make sure you are not overwhelmed by all the acronyms and are sold a solution that works for you.

Business Solutions

When it comes to fulfilling the demands of your business, you cannot be better equipped – today and in the future.

Plessie are reseller of Voice and Data communications systems, VoIP Telephony, Call Centres, Hospitality, Telephone Management Software, Voice Mail, Call LoggersAuto Attendant, Mobility and DECT as well as CCTV and Unified Communications.

Business Telephone Systems

We supply, install and support Aastra, NEC and LG-Ericsson- who are the world’s leading suppliers of end-to-end telecommunications solutions.We provide solutions to increase efficiency and create a strong platform for your business’s internal and external communications.

Bring your existing BusinessPhone into the SIP world

Gated Estate Solutions

Plessie offer a complete solution to existing Gated Estates and new Developments. From Access Control, CCTV, Internal /External Communication, Cordless Communications, Telephone Management, Voice & Data Cabling.

Unified Communications


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